Hazelwood Farms - Blueberry Farm, Abbotsford British Columbia.

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34175 Hazelwood Avenue, Abbotsford BC, Canada

34175 Hazelwood Avenue, Abbotsford,
British Columbia, Canada 

A small local Blueberry farm, no fuss and no gimmicks
Welcome to Hazelwood Farms

Blueberry u-pick Will Open Sometime in July 2024.. stay tuned!

what do we specialize in? 

We specialize in non-spray fresh Blueberries. Our blueberries are proudly farmed locally and are not available in stores. Hazelwood blueberries are not sold on Facebook Marketplace, or at any fruit stand or supermarket location.

Hazelwood Blueberries are only available directly from our farm.

Approximately How many days left until we open again?

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Hazelwood Farms, Abbotsford, BC, Blueberries in the Field

why do our customers
choose us?


Located on Hazelwood Avenue, we are just 3 minutes drive from the downtown Abbotsford core.  Yes, we are the closest blueberry farm and u-pick in town.

Our location has plenty of space for parking in a scenic, quiet, and naturally peaceful area of the matsqui flats. 

No Fuss, great value.

You are free to roam and pick anywhere you like on our farm during our u-pick season.  No enforcement on where to pick, just explore and experience, with no fuss.

Hazelwood Farms has kept it the same year after year.  No container fees, no entrance fees, no parking fees, and no field access fees.  We appreciate our customers. 

Flexibility With Containers. 

For us, containers don't matter.  Use and borrow our containers, or bring your own to use for u-pick.  The choice is yours.

Everything from big buckets to small boxes, our customers come prepared to take home pounds and pounds of blueberries.  

A view of Hazelwood Farms Buckets, Abbotsford, BC

Hazelwood Farms believes in holistic nutrition.  We do not spray our blueberries and our blueberries are always unrefined and unprocessed, just as mother nature intends.    

No Gimmicks, Simply a farm.

" Where are the  rides, dad?  Where's the ice cream, mom? " 

The answer? Nowhere.  Nothing sits in between you and the nutritious juicy blueberries awaiting your mouth. 

Hazelwood Farms is made just for straight blueberry picking.  Our customers understand and love a plain farm, year after year.     

Thoughts from Our Customers...  

"A hidden gem in BC..."
"Please don't advertise!"
"Let word of mouth do it's magic!"
- Thoughts from our customers.

We won't advertise.  You spread the word, tell your friends, bring your families, roll up your sleeves and get in an hour of outdoor blueberry farm experience.  Our customers love our blueberries, and so will you.

A bowl of delicious Hazelwood blueberries! Abbotsford, BC

Thank you for your support over the years  

Hazelwood Farms is here to serve you, and we could not have done it without all of your kind support year after year.  We thank you for being here for us and for supporting our local farm in the lower mainland, fraser valley, bc. 
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